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This is our list of available plans - note all plans last for 30 days

Plan Data * Price **


(33 European countries)

Country list
1 GB EUR15.00
3 GB EUR20.00
5 GB EUR25.00
10 GB EUR35.00
Plan Data * Price **


(Europe plus 16 major countries)

Country list
500 MB EUR35.00
1 GB EUR65.00
2 GB EUR120.00
3 GB EUR160.00
Plan Data * Price **


(Over 110 worldwide countries)

Country list
200 MB EUR50.00
500 MB EUR120.00
1 GB EUR225.00
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* Data expiration

All data bundles have an expiration period of 30 days. In your account you can set the start date and set auto-reload for when your bundle expires.

** Pricing & VAT

All prices are shown excluding VAT, and it will be charged where applicable. Please see our Terms and Conditions for further details.